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Respiratio 2017; 7 (1-2): 86-90


Vildana Hadžić¹, Emir Abdulović¹, Ermin Hasanović¹, Emir Halilović², Lejla Pašalić¹, Ermin
¹, Edin Kurtović¹


¹ Hospital for Respiratory diseases and TBC, Travnik

²Institute of Microbiology, Polyclinic for Laboratory Diagnostics, University Clinical Center Tuzla, Tuzla, Bosnia and Herzegovina



Original Research

Naučni članak

doi: 10.26601/rsp.aprs.17.13



Introduction: The possibility of association between diabetes mellitus (DM) and TB
represents an important and growing challenge to the global control of TB. Patients with these two conditions may present high rates of treatment failure of TB and increased risk of death.

Aim of the study: The aim of this study is to determine the number of patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis in Central Bosnia, from February 2016 - and until April 2017. according to age and sex. Then, consolidate if there is a correlation between pulmonary tuberculosis with the level of glucose in the blood.

Material and methods: In the period from February 2016 to April 2017. it we found 26 patients withactive pulmonary tuberculosis, of which 19 patients are male and seven female. The patients wereanalyzed in the blood count, among other things, determined by the level of blood glucose (mmol / l) using AMS (Analayze Medical System) according to the manufacturer.

Results: From a total of 26 patients with active pulmonary tuberculosis in four male patients was found sugar level at or above the reference value. From seven female patients with active tuberculosis in four is found that they have high blood glucose levels.

Conclusion: In our study we found that there is a link between patients with high glucose blood level and active pulomonary tuberculosis. We can say that diabetes is associated with a decrease in cellular immunity.


Keywords: pulmonary tuberculosis, blood glucose, diabetes.


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Submitted: April 10th, 2017
Accepted: May 10th, 2017


Corresponding autor:
Hadžić Vildana
E mail adress: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Hospital for Respiratory diseases and TBC, Travnik

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